Miles Waite, PhD, PG, Principal Hydrogeologist

Miles has been working in the environmental consulting industry for over thirty years. He is the owner of Waite-Heindel Environmental Management and oversees all company operations. Miles formerly worked for two other consulting firms before starting Waite Environmental Management (WEM) in 2003. This business then merged with Heindel & Noyes in 2012, to become a 6-person firm with many decades of experience and client relationships. A portion of his work load includes clean water hydrogeology, where his areas of expertise include hydrogeologic investigations, water supply siting and permitting, wastewater system design and permitting, stormwater flow and drainage studies, and land development (Act 250) permitting. He is just as frequently involved in contaminant projects, where he conducts environmental site assessments, Brownfields site assessments and contaminated site redevelopment, contaminated soil and groundwater management, remediation system design and installation, soil vapor intrusion evaluations, and indoor air quality testing, including in schools for PCBs. Miles regularly provides expert testimony on legal disputes related to environmental damages related to land use. Miles is a registered Professional Geologist (PG) in the States of New Hampshire and New York, and a Vermont Licensed Designer (Type BW) for the design of wastewater systems in Vermont. Miles has a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a Minor in Geology from the University of Vermont (1991), and a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Colorado (1998).

Miles has a family with his wife and three children in Burlington, and enjoys playing in the outdoors, gardening the backyard, Lake time at his family’s camp, and traveling when he can find the time. Miles’s most recent endeavor was to purchase an historic office building in Burlington, where the WHEM offices are now located.

See Miles’s resume here.

Craig Heindel, CPG, Senior Hydrogeologist

Mr. Heindel has more than four decades of experience as Hydrogeologist, Senior Hydrogeologist or Project Manager in projects regarding wastewater disposal, solid waste disposal, water supply, contaminant hydrogeology, hazardous materials site assessments, aquifer and well analysis, groundwater flow and drainage, wetland hydrology, surface water, stormwater drainage and runoff, soils and soil chemistry, and erosion and sediment control. His expertise in hydrogeological analysis has earned him recognition throughout New England, most recently for his contributions to the design and installation of novel drip-style disposal systems in Vermont and Maine. Craig regularly provides expert testimony for environmental land use development legal issues and disputes.

Mr. Heindel and his wife Judy live in Ferrisburgh, where they are very active in the community. Mr. Heindel was appointed to the Vermont DEC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in July 2022, and over the years has contributed to the development of numerous environmental rules in Vermont. In his free time, Mr. Heindel and his growing family are avid hikers and skiers. With the recent addition of two wonderful grandchildren, the family adventures are sure to continue. Mr. Heindel also leads UVM Glacial Geology students on field trips around the state, maintaining an active role with his alma mater (M.S. in Geology, UVM ’80).

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Chandler Noyes, PhD, Senior Hydrogeologist

Chandler has over eight years of experience in environmental consulting and academic research fields and has been with Waite-Heindel since 2015. As Senior Hydrogeologist, Chandler manages WHEM’s contaminated groundwater projects, as well as work related to the inventorying, sampling, and remediation of Vermont schools for the potential presence of PCBs after the passage of Act 74 in 2021. Chandler is also involved in writing RFPs and grants, conducting field work, and preparing technical documents such as Phase I and Phase II ESAs, CAPs, and vapor intrusion studies. Through his graduate research, Chandler became an expert in collecting water, oil, and gas samples for analysis of noble gases and stable and radioactive isotopes, the results of which he used to examine aquifer connectivity and climate change across geologic timescales in urban, mining, and glacial settings.

Chandler has a B.S. in Geology (2015) from the University of Vermont, an M.S. in Hydrology (2019) from the University of Arizona (UA), and a Ph.D. in Hydrology with a minor in Environmental Engineering (2023) from UA. Chandler is also pursuing his Professional Geologist licensure as he meets all the requirements. In his free time, Chandler enjoys hiking, skiing, and kayaking all around Vermont. Chandler and his partner Hannah live in South Burlington.

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Wendy Shellito, Project Scientist

Wendy has over twenty years of experience as a Project Scientist and Manager for projects that involve groundwater quality, soil quality, vapor intrusion, air quality, environmental cleanup and remediation, PCB building inventories, Per- and Polyfluororalkyl Substances (PFAS) sampling and hazardous waste management. Wendy’s specialty has been landfill compliance monitoring, due diligence consulting, Phase I and Phase II ESAs, data management and analysis, field sampling, Source Protection Plans and GIS.

Wendy has a B.S. in Geography (1999). Wendy is a member of the National Association of Environmental Professions (NAEP), and meets the definition of an Environmental Professional as defined by the federal Standards and Practice for All Appropriate Inquiries. She has training in asbestos testing and management.

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Christopher Page, LD, Project Scientist

Christopher has over ten years of experience in the environmental consulting field, and has been with WHEM since its inception in 2012. Christopher’s responsibilities as a Project Scientist include the development of various technical documents, including Initial Site Investigations, Corrective Action Plans, and long-term monitoring work plans, as well as the design and implement of subslab/vapor mitigation systems.  Christopher graduated from UVM in 2011 with a B.S. with Honors in Environmental Science. Christopher is a Class B Licensed Designer for water supply and wastewater systems, and is also accredited in wetland delineations. Christopher is actively pursuing an HVAC/R certification so that he can better assist in the development of corrective actions for properties affected by indoor air contamination, including PCBs in schools and commercial properties.

Christopher lives in Hinesburg with his partner, Chawna, and two sons, Cedar and Cailum. The two young boys, only 18 months apart, keep him very busy, but he manages to find free time to perform with his band, The Tenderbellies, and to pursue his passions in poetry, music, and philosophy. Come summer, you’ll find him boating around Lake Champlain with friends and family.

See Christopher’s resume here.


Cameron Coleburn, Staff Scientist

Cameron joined WHEM in August 2022 as a Staff Scientist. Cameron attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and graduated in 2018 with a B.S. in Geoscience and a Minor in Environmental Studies. As Staff Scientist, Cameron’s primary responsibilities include field sampling, drilling oversight, data management and reporting. Cameron’s special focus has been in conducting building material inventories and developing sampling strategies for PCB sampling in Vermont schools. Cameron works on a variety of projects and is developing expertise in soil, groundwater, soil vapor, and indoor air media.

Cameron lives in Burlington with his girlfriend, Kellie. A lifelong skier, Cameron is excited to be in Vermont, where he has been spending summer and winter months his whole life. Whether it be bombing fresh powder at Sugarbush or exploring the Lake Champlain coastline, Cameron makes the best of what Vermont has to offer. In addition to being a skier, Cameron is also a guitarist and songwriter.

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Stefanie Waite, M.Ed., Office Manager

Stefanie joined WHEM as the office manager in 2023 after working in the nonprofit sector for over 25 years. When she is not managing the accounting and office needs at WHEM, Stefanie works as an evaluator and educational consultant with Kingfisher Learning. She has a B.A. in English from St. Anselm College (1992) and a M.Ed. from St. Michael’s College (1997). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing sports.

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