NEWSVT Landfill

Landfill Monitoring & Permitting Project

WHEM personnel have conducted the hydrogeologic site characterizations and water quality monitoring for Casella’s lined solid waste management facility in Coventry, Vermont (NEWSVT; New England Waste Services of Vermont, Inc.) since the mid-1980s. Site characterizations and groundwater modeling were conducted as part of the permitting evaluations for all of the phases of the lined solid waste cells, including the recently approved expansion to Phase VI. Remediation and studies were also conducted regarding the earlier unlined phases of this facility for previous owners. WHEM continues to conduct the routine compliance sampling and monitoring at the site, including numerous groundwater monitoring wells, surface water and underdrain discharge locations, and leachate sampling. Testimony has been provided at numerous state and local environmental hearings. WHEM personnel are an integral part of the environmental consulting team that works closely with NEWSVT personnel.

John Gay
Engineer Casella (NEWSVT)
(802) 651-5454